Andy McKay

Dec 28, 2018

2019 Goals

My goal: I’m going to beat last years time of 4:19 and do the Whistler Gran Fondo in September 2019 in 4 hours.

That seems absurdly ridiculous on the face of it, but the fact that I was able to shave off 23 minutes this year was nothing short of miraculous to me. So let’s try shaving off another 19 minutes. How am I going to do this?

  1. Get serious about losing weight again. I’ve done it in the past and then I revert. This year I’m aiming for a race weight of 160 lbs. In the past I’ve been around 180 lbs by the time I do the Gran Fondo.

  2. Improve my watts per kg. The amount of power you can output is important so I’ve got to lose weight without losing muscle. I did an estimated 236w power last Fondo, if I can do the some power output and weigh less I’ll push up my time.

Actual things I’m going to do to meet these goals:

  1. Do a half marathon. I’m in the BMO Half in May. I’ve done 4 10k races so far and I found the last one a bit slow and painful. I need to get comfortable at doing 5k every day and a 10k regularly.

  2. Cycle regularly in the Steed group 2. That’s the faster group than I normally ride in.

  3. Complete the Seymour Hill Climb in under 1 hour. My top time is 1:15:34 and according to Strava I’m 4924 / 6151. There’s room for improvement there.

  4. Do lots of work at the gym to work on my core, leg and back muscles.

I can totally do this.

Disclaimer: I might just say screw it and not do this. It’s my life.