Andy McKay

Jun 29, 2018

Pedestrians vs Drivers

So often these days the debate is framed as “drivers vs cyclists” or “drivers vs pedestrians”. Basically drivers vs everyone. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learnt is that drivers think all the roads, parking spaces and infrastructure is all for them and absolutely no-one else.

But you need to walk to get into a car. You need to get out of a car to walk when you get to your destination. Everyone becomes a pedestrian at some point. In fact everyone in a car gets out of a car, eventually.

So you can have a world where people go into their garages at their houses, drive to work and go into their garages there … and no-one ever interacts with anything other than cars in the real world. Or perhaps you can treat pedestrians with respect. And people on bicycles. And just about everyone else.