Andy McKay

Nov 26, 2015

Add-ons at Mozlando

If you are going to Orlando for the Mozilla summit and want to talk add-ons, we want to talk to you. But, if you look at the schedule we haven’t scheduled a whole pile of meetings, yet there are 430 meetings (by my quick count) scheduled.

In fact we’ve got one meeting I’d like people who are interested to learn about add-ons to come to, the add-ons open house and demos. We’ll be talking road map, 2016 planning, a few demos and then getting a chat going. You should come.

If you want to talk with us on any add-ons subject any other time we’d love to talk and I’m sure we can work around each others schedule. You can find me in online or wander into the Firefox home room and look for the add-ons sign (yes I plan on making one). We can set up quick ad-hoc meetings on pretty much anything.

There’s a reason for that, the productivity and happiness I’ve encountered at work weeks is the related to the inverse of the number of meetings I have. At Portland I was triple booked at one point. At Whistler I had few meetings and most of the ones I did have were relaxed, outdoors and in the sun.

Whistler ended up being a much more positive experience for me and my team.

So here’s the plan for my team:

  • meet and interact with the rest of our team
  • learn what people outside our group are doing
  • learn where Mozilla is going
  • don’t feel under pressure to attend any meetings

We’ll be hacking on code when we are hanging out, the criteria being:

  • nothing that is on a critical path
  • the hack must involve working with other people
  • don’t feel under pressure to complete that code

That’s about it, just let the team flow, don’t hold it back with meetings.

Because let’s face it, if you want to have a meeting on a subject, we can do that any time with video conferencing. I look forward to seeing you there.