Andy McKay

Nov 17, 2015

A year in cycling

When I started cycling into the office this year, I said I would probably end in November or December when it got too cold and wet.

Last night was really, cold, windy and I had so many near misses with cars, pedestrians and signs. The worst part was as usual the Second Narrows bridge which was really, really windy. A bus hit a puddle on the bridge and the wall of water went over the barricade and hit me. Coming off the bridge the ramp is covered in wet slippy composting leaves and when you are trying to avoid that unlit pedestrian, in the dark on skinny road tires with frozen fingers in driving rain….

So I’m done.

I cycled for about 9 months of the year from Deep Cove to the office for several days a week. Not too shabby. The real difference this year was training for the Fondo, which meant that in the summer when I cycled five days a week to the office, that’s 170 km a week, I wasn’t that tired but wanted to do more and started detouring over the Lions Gate bridge. I hit over 300km one week.

According to Strava I cycled 3,842km over 1712h this year. That’s not too shabby. Next year I’m aiming for two Fondo’s. But for now its time to go to the gym more and do more curling and snowboarding.