Andy McKay

Jan 28, 2015

Iron Workers Memorial Bridge

I pretty much hate the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge (or Second Narrows). I have to cross it each time I cycle into work and its miserable.

Its asymmetric, the climb up from North to South is demoralising. The ride is often windy. Often wet. Usually cold. Everything that nature can throw at you, you’ll encounter on the bridge.

And currently its only got one sidewalk, which means everyone has to stop and let each other pass. The east side walk is currently being renovated and will hopefully be slightly wider. This means its harder to get over and has a brutally dangerous off ramp on the north side. I’m surprised no-one has been killed on that yet.

Once the east side walk renovation gets completed, they’ll start on the west side. The other part of the renovation is adding in a suicide fence. That will obstruct the view. But just occasionally the bridge gives you a stunning view… and just occasionally there’s a break in the bike traffic and I get a photo like this:

Looking west to downtown and Lions Gate from the Second Narrows

I just realised that I might miss that view.