Andy McKay

Feb 25, 2014


And so it begins again. The BCTF and the BC Government go head to head over the teachers contract. Of one thing we can be certain, it will be long, slow, painful and plenty of muck will be thrown around in the public.

This is the Government that:

"unconstitutionally stripped from their contract in 2002"

Globe and Mail

In fact Christie Clark was the Education Minister in 2002 when this happened.

Fast forward to 2011 and the Supreme Court finds Ms Clarks bill unconstitutional. Following appeal, a recent ruling by the justice found that:

"One of the problems was that the government representatives were preoccupied by another strategy. Their strategy was to put such pressure on the union that it would provoke a strike by the union. The government representatives thought this would give government the opportunity to gain political support for imposing legislation on the union."

Globe and Mail

So what happened today? The BCTF decided to call strike vote and get out into the public the things that happened at the bargaining table. It was called a trial by media. I call it making it public.

As for the Government?

"I guess all I can say is our actions speak for themselves"

Vancouver Sun

They do Mr. Fassbender.