Andy McKay

Oct 25, 2013

Three years a Mozillian

At the one year anniversary at Mozilla many people write a blog post. I thought about it, but the date whizzed past. Two years passed and nary a blog post was in sight. It’s now been three years and about time I wrote one.

It’s still quite surprising to me I get to be employed at Mozilla I know that is just impostor syndrome, but I’m surrounded by so many awesome people that it’s hard not to feel that way. Still, many thanks to Mike and Wil for giving me that chance in the first place.

Also, to me, it’s slightly surprising that I’ve stayed this long at Mozilla. If you read my resume, it normally takes me about two years to find myself bored and move on. Hard to get bored at Mozilla.

So how about some numbers:

  • 11 LDAP password resets survived without having to ask for help. I got the first one wrong somehow. Now I’m a pro.
  • 1,176 bugs filed, that’s 1.073 bugs a day.
  • 1,153 bugs completed that’s 1.052 bugs a day.
  • 44 github repositories started, of which about 50% are completely useless.
  • 60% speed increase by moving Firefox version check from PHP to Python. It’s since sped up by 300%.
  • 7am - earliest meeting on my current calendar.
  • 0 emails sent to
  • 0 accidental replies to emails sent to
  • 17 channels currently open in my client.
  • 3 Firefox OS phones currently in the house.
  • 1 drawer stuffed with Mozilla t-shirts.

It’s been a great three years. Looking forward to the next three.