Andy McKay

May 18, 2013

What we rewarded

On Tuesday, somehow the BC Liberals won the provinical election and another 4 years at running the province of British Columbia. With a depressingly low 52% of people voting the BC voteres effectively endorsed:

A negative campaign style. People repeatedly say they dislike negative campaigns, but they work because people vote for them. The Liberals basically announced their platform on then went on the negative against the NDP. They trotted out continual lies and half-truths about the NDP. Things that were discredited by the media. Because they had little campaign platform of their own, other than repeating their failed policies, they had to keep attacking the NDP.

A controlling message. In order to stay on message and stop people talking about things that might matter to them, they kept the focus on the economy and ridiculous things like LNG. Healthcare and education, for example were hardly discussed. The Liberals would always pull it back to the economy.

Fear of another party? Is that really how you want a government to be chosen? When we reward this behaviour, we reinforce it. And you’ll see a different campaign from the NDP next time.