Andy McKay

May 12, 2013

Different World

There’s nothing quite like the Silicon Valley bubble. From the ridiculous salaries and treatment that developers get to the types of problems that people are trying to solve. Like getting limos to drive them around easier (Uber) or tacos delivered by drones (TacoCopter). It’s hard to forget that the majority of the world does not live like this.

Recently I’ve begun following Jack Munroe a mother who while unemployed had to feed herself and her son for £10 a week. Her recipes meals under £1 are great and a help to so many in similar situations. I thought of similar friends in the UK who have issues raising a family. It’s not easy folks.

Anil Dash recently had a great blog post “Ten tips guaranteed to improve your startup success”:

"Be raised with access to clean drinking water and sanitation."

Anil Dash

It’s been over 4 years since I went to Kenya with Matt Berg to help fight malaria and malnutrition. Although that’s probably the smallest amount I’ve ever contributed to a project, it is still the one I’m proudest of. For a brief moment my technology was actually helping real people in clear and obvious ways.

I have to find a way to do more of this stuff.