Andy McKay

Oct 27, 2012

CCTS report 2012

The CCTS annual report came out. And complaints are up, by a whopping 35%.

After my own run in with Rogers, I found complaining to the CCTS a quick and effective solution that resolved the issue. The problem was that I had to resort to the CCTS at all. Rogers were unhelpful, unwilling to discuss it and left me no choice. To quote Rogers again:

There is no point calling anyone else they will not help you out.

Porting numbers in Canada

This time though, porting issues were only 4% of the complaints, so 457 complaints. My wife wouldn't be one of those, she switched providers away from Rogers finally yesterday and rather than deal with Rogers, just gave up her number. It's still too hard.

This number will keep going up until the CRTC reins in these companies. Getting rid of and reigning in ridiculous contracts and requirements from the companies. For example, unlimited plans which aren't:

Consumers should be aware that most unlimited plans are subject to what service providers call a fair use or acceptable use policy.

CCTS report (pdf)

In other news the CRTC this week asked the big companies to:

submit their costs and proposed rates to the CRTC, that information will now be made public


Yay for more transparency on what those big companies are up to.