Andy McKay

Jul 06, 2011

Cycling home

Today I worked in the Mozilla Vancouver offices, downtown. I head down there a couple of days a week. Now schools out and Danae can get the kids to school, I hope to be there more in the summer. In the past couple of years when I've cycled to and from downtown I've taken the seabus. Today on a whim, I took the Second Narrows bridge.

I used to commute via the Second Narrows quite regularly, but today was the first time in about 5 years I've done it.

The seabus route is shorter - 12.3km vs 17.4km, but probably slightly slower. A commute in via the Seabus and back via the Second Narrows is a respectable 30km commute though.

But today was awesome because I left downtown at 5pm on a glorious sunny evening. The result was a trip down a bike route with loads of cyclists. At one point I was in a huge bunch of 20 or 30 cyclists heading out of downtown. And cars were struggling to get past us and trickle of cyclists going the other way. I've never seen so many cyclists on a commute.

And even better, I easily beat both Google cycling estimates and my overtaking to being overtaken count was 8+ to 3.