Andy McKay

May 18, 2010

Python jobs

Over the last few months I've seen a real up trend in Python jobs available. I follow Python jobs, because it's a good way to spot consulting opportunities. It's also good to be surprised when you find someone local using Python that you didn't know about.

For Python developers there's 3 companies that always seem to be sucking up all the Python programmers: Google, Canonical and Mozilla. Out of people I can think of off the top of my head, I think these 3 companies account for over 50% of the developers I know of. Perhaps it's because my circle of friends is small, but these you can pretty much guess when someone says that they've been hired - it's one of these three.

Canonical is probably a little more unusual than the other projects, in that they use quite a lot of the ZCA. So if you are looking for a job there, might be a good idea to research that a little bit first.

These aren't the only ones, I seem to know more people at Mochimedia every day.

Django is certainly providing a lift to Python:

Django powers over 80% of Python-coded web sites, according to some estimates

Alex Martelli

The recent TechCrunch 50 winner RedBeacon was running Django, and so do an awful lot of new startups.

I don't really have an stats to back all this up, I should probably write a Python script to do that. But I do think a few things:

  • The days when Python is just an afterthought attached to a system administration job description are on the decline.
  • It's a good time to learn Python.