Andy McKay

Feb 19, 2010

DjangoSki checklist

Sadly Matt Berg won't be able to make it DjangoSki. Far too busy at the moment in Uganda working on the next version of Child Count. That's a shame, we'll get him next year when he's had time to catch up on his skiing a bit ;).

Very fortunate to have Brian Leroux, a self described "software hack" from Nitobi coming to speak in Matt's place. Brian works on mobile apps and things like PhoneGap, XUI and Lawnchair.

Checklist for DjangoSki:

  • Laptop
  • Passport (for any non-Canadians that is)
  • Skis / snowboards and gear
  • Hot tub gear
  • </ul>

    We have a few sprint topics planned on the wiki, but if you've got your own, please come ready with those ideas.