Andy McKay

Feb 03, 2010

New DjangoSki speakers

Pleased to say that DjangoSki picked up a couple of good speakers.

Andy Smith is a developer at Google, where he works on Google App Engine. He'll be speaking on Google App Engine and how to develop apps for it. Also he'll be talking about the status of non-relational backends for App Engine. A handy person to be sprinting with.

Michael Richardson is one of the brains behind Urban Airship and Bac' He'll talk about django-piston and building an API in Django which Urban Airship use to do cool things for the iPhone.

Also pleased to note that Rob Hudson is making his way up from Portland. Rob is the writer and maintainer of Django Debug Toolbar. Possibly the most useful debug tool you'll ever use in Django. As a connoisseur of fine Portland beer, I hope you'll be buying him a beer.