Andy McKay

Nov 19, 2009

Announcing DjangoSki Conference

I am very excited to announce the DjangoSki Conference in Whistler, March 2nd-4th 2010.

This is a conference that combines my favourite web application framework with one of my favourite sports, skiing. If you are going to run a conference, may as well do it somewhere with style right? The conference is slightly unusual in that it's styled a bit after an unconference. There are several keynote talks we are lining up and some introductory talks, but the rest of the conference is up to the attendees.

Each day will have sprints or ad-hoc talks created by the attendees. The real goal is to focus on the things I find enjoyable about a conference - meeting people and learning. Sprints are the ideal way to learn from other people. I'm not alone in this.

Details will follow as we get registration and keynotes organized.

So if you are planning a ski holiday this year and do Django, the choice has just become a whole lot easier. Come to Whistler and have a damn good time.