Andy McKay

May 08, 2009

Friday releases

In defiance of the basic wisdom:

Don't release anything on a Friday

I released some new stuff on a Friday.

Arecibo actually got the biggest release, which is a completely new database structure behind the scenes. On the front-end there's a new look and feel. With that release in place I can now roll out the new features that have been queueing up on the site. Once all the database is re-indexed and all good, I'll put out an announcement on the Arecibo blog about it. Just polishing those last few things now.

For doing the migration I used South and I have to say it's pretty good. Looking forward to using that in the future.

DjangoZen got a few little bits of polish. I've also added in a job board. It's slightly sparse at the moment, due to no jobs being present. But if you are looking for a django developer, now is a good time to enter a job, then send me a list of bugs about the problems with the job board :) Jobs are free at the moment.