Andy McKay

Feb 26, 2009

Content Mirror

Had the pleasure of heading down to Seattle yesterday to talk at the Seattle Plone User Group. Lovely group of people I seem to be knowing well, but was still a pleasure to put a few new faces to names. I had a talk about Content Mirror prepared. Unfortunately some people did come to hear about jquery, that was going to be the topic of my talk, but to be honest doing cross-domain work in JSONP in Plone is cool but only a 5 minute talk.

Anyway the talk went really well. I have to say I was quite pumped afterwards, I've had a string of bad talks. One lesson there is talk about what you feel passionately about. I do think Content Mirror is pretty cool and would love to use it on sites. Or perhaps just Plone as the new uber-Django admin interface.

The talk is here: Content Mirror

Plango, my quick Django front end for it is in: SVN, although this might get moved over to the Content Mirror repository.

People then kindly put up with me talking about the next version of Arecibo and that seemed to go down well too. Short on time right now, so I'll get a more coherent post together when I have time.

Afterwards a nice Thai dinner. Thanks for looking for after me folks.