Andy McKay

Feb 10, 2009

Cleartrain improvements

Got a nice email from Joel Davis with some great improvements for Cleartrain. These included:

  • Not showing all the past trainings, I checked my view and I had the query going back 20 days, that was silly.
  • Showing past trainings a little differently.
  • Making it clear you can do and then remove multiple filters.

One nice feature that isn't clear is that the RSS, Atom and iCal feeds all alter depending upon your filters. So a list of all say Python or Django training, is pretty easy. I need to find a nice UI way of improving that. Anyway thanks for the feedback on Cleartrain, it's been good so far, let's keep the trainings rolling in.

Another thing I found interesting is the number of trainings on Plone. Although Plone isn't necessarily the most popular project out there, does provide a very good platform for providing information on training. Something that some other projects (eg. Django) do quite differently.