Andy McKay

Jan 30, 2009

The week in review

Been quite a frustrating week all in all which is odd, because it shouldn't have been. The ongoing saga of house hunting is becoming such a distraction that isn't helping. Have to focus and make sure I can get new products done sooner rather than later.

Tuesday went to the local Django meetup which was great. There were about 13 people there and it was a well organised event. Interesting people and the conversation veered around onto quite a few non-Django topics, which was neat. I'll be looking forward to the next one.

Got a quick chance to rant about Django templating and a chance to show off Arecibo and ClearTrain. It was really good since John then said "oh so Arecibo is like Exceptional?". And it is indeed. So it's good to know I'm not alone in world thinking it's a good idea. The idea that there is competition has really energized me on that product.

The rest of the week was filled with severe internet problems and actually getting somewhere on my next projects. Also cleaning up so ClearTrain issues, which is now happily having other users add in their training. Doing a training? Better add it in.

Then just to stop me doing anything, one of my servers went haywire. I'm still looking at logs and trying to figure out what happened, I'm really not sure but it just stopped responding as it got completely overloaded. I've started distributing services a little better and moving things off what is becoming an overloaded server. Ideally I want to move it all to the App Engine, but re-writing that is just too much work.

Signed up for the iPhone Developer Program and I'm still waiting for Apple to get back to me so that I can pay them the $100 to get my apps out there. Not sure why it's taking so long.

Finally heading down to Seattle in a hour or so. Hooking up with Jon Stahl and then heading over to the Northwest Python Day. Assuming they let me through the border of course.

Sorry for the unfocused week post, but I need to focus more on blogging and less on twittering.

PS: award for "oh i wish i had time to play with this" goes to: event: Forget all that programming Plone portlets in Python...