Andy McKay

Jan 26, 2009

Open Source Training

One of the mis-conceptions with open source is that there's a lack of training. That's not true, it's just that there's a lot of training spread out all over the place through different vendors. There are a couple of sites that do list the training, but there a few things I want from them:

  • Ability to rate the training so that other's can see the how good it is.
  • Similarly give comments on the training.
  • Get all the training in my calendar (which means iCal) and RSS.
  • An API for accessing the training would be nice.

This sounds like it's a pretty straightforward Django site. So a few days later I'm announcing Cleartrain, a site to index training on open source projects. We've indexed quite a lot of the trainings we've been able to find. At first, we are specifically focusing on our favourites Plone, Django and Python. The latter two seem quite under represented, probably need to keep digging.

The site is using Django and jQuery and Page Templates. The Javascript is done using jQuery (despite earlier posts) and go done quite quickly, I do like the clicking on an item filters it in the list, i'd like to add in the reverse as well.

We'll keep adding into this site as we see training, but if you have training you'd like to add in, please add it in here.