Andy McKay

Aug 27, 2008

Holidays are over

Just got back from a week in Wales, camping. Anyone who's tried camping in Wales can pretty much predict that they will get rained on, a lot. And we did. We went to one of my former "favourite places in the world" - St David's. The rain came horizontally with high winds. We moved up north and ended up at Shrewsbury Folk Festival where it gave us big downpours, but only as we tried to put up the tent.

Despite lots of hassle (going to the toilet at 2am in the rain with 2 kids isn't that fun) and a commitment to buy a motor home when we get back to Canada, we had fun.

Other positive things: for one whole week my fingers didn't hurt, I got to buy and read the new Iain M Banks novel Matter, which was excellent.

A mad two months which involved lots of the family from Canada coming over and a whopping: 4 out of 8 weeks on holiday (I only did 3 of those weeks), 8 trips to different airports, holidays in 5 countries (if you count Wales as separate :) and a depleted bank account - it's back to normal.