Andy McKay

Jun 15, 2008

Fuel prices

This last week there's been fuel protests by truck drivers all over the UK. Yesterday as we drove to Chester zoo I saw one coming the other way. They've been interviewed on the radio and so on. Quite frankly i've had enough.

Yes it sucks that petrol and diesel is expensive. But it's not going to get much cheaper. It's a finite resource, it will run out. The only question is how soon and how high will it get. The transition away from petrol will be very painful, the whole economy has changed over 20-30 years to become dependent upon it. Reducing consumption now, increasing alternatives now is the only way to ease the pain. Rather than just putting it all off and waiting for the cataclysm to hit your kids.

Every time I hear of a petition on the radio to stop road pricing I just want to start my own supporting anything to stop the insanity. I think next time there is, I will.