Andy McKay

Feb 06, 2008

Planning summit pt. 2

Looking forward to flying off to the Plone planning summit tomorrow. Following on from my previous post, what's the one thing I'm hoping we can come up with? A list of values by which all other decisions can be based upon. With those set of values, we can move forward making key decisions based on agreed criteria.

Quite a few people have sponsored me for going to the summit. Firstly Blue Fountain and secondly a host of people who sponsored the summit and then was able to help me out with some of the costs, namely: CIGNEX, Alexander Pilz, John Habermann, George Bray, Christopher Johnson, Aleksandr Vladimirskiy, Boussard Youenn, Headnet, Jean-Pascal Houde, Jesse Snyder, Florian Schulze, Graham Perrin, Virginio Fanelli, Denis Mishunov, Totsie Marine, Pompilio Fanelli, Jennifer Crandall, Thomas Zeleny, Tannic, Inc., Tobias Ahlers, Yves Moisan, Matthew Latterell, Jon Stahl, Patrick Shaw, William Murphy, Eric Steele, Scott Paley, Vincenzo Barone, Niels Steen Krogh

And finally there's a bunch of people who organised this who need thanking: Alexander Limi and Jon Stahl. Especially Jon Stahl, who once again is demonstrating that he is able to contribute a huge amount more to Plone than most people who do write code.

But let's face it there's one real question we are all curious about for the sprint.

...given that about 75% of Plone developers use Macs, how many people will be showing off a new Macbook Air at the summit?