Andy McKay

Nov 06, 2007

Macbook battery

Third time back in to the Apple store with my macbook, this time to get the battery which died whilst in Italy. We left it in hibernate mode in the UK and it discharged completely, so much it won't start up again. This is covered in the 2 year battery warranty.

I'm always impressed by the help at an Apple store once I've actually been helped. To see someone you have to get an appointment. I've tried 4 times and found those appointments completely impossible for my times. Further the Apple store is a 1.5 hour drive into Manchester, a terrible and unpredictable place to drive to, expect long queues.

So my new habit is to set an appointment, get there when I do and then stand and wait and wait and wait. Typically there will be about 8 free people in the store. None will talk to me or even acknowledge I might need help. Finally I'll get a break with a Genius and talk to them. This problem which I'd researched ahead of time was fixed in 5 minutes and out the door.

This policy sucks completely. Reserving time is fine, but ensure 50% of the time is not reserved and actually service people when they need help. Rant over. I think everything that can be replaced under warranty has been so until their ultra light small macbook comes out, I won't be back for a while.