Andy McKay

Jul 31, 2007

Ajax services again

I am doing some work in PHP at the moment, not a huge amount, connecting things up. I got back to how much I like doing simple things at the Ajax level. One example is I needed to normalise a string, from unicode to plain text, much like Plone currently does. For example turning:

Pdi manjar de veire, me nafrari pas



An English ASCII approximation. My first thought was "hey, that's what Plone does". So I grabbed my highly unsophisticated mod_python services framework and wrapped the Plone API from (which means yes its under GPL) and threw together a quick file (about 20 lines) so that the above comes back as:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<info author="Andy McKay, ClearWind Consulting" 
     end="Tue Jul 31 14:28:53 2007"
     start="Tue Jul 31 14:28:53 2007" version="1.0"/>

Weee, it's a simple manner of now writing Ajax to pull that out and bingo I can do that in Rails, Plone, mod_python and PHP. Assuming the server stays up. The pattern of doing lots of little bits at the browser level is something I really like, having the discipline of using lots of languages forces a different solution. Web services at last.

Service available at: