Andy McKay

Jun 29, 2007

Mac and Wii

Yesterday Apple phoned me trying to sell me Apple Care because it's almost one year since I bought a MacBook and the warranty is going to expire. I really haven't seen much good about Apple Care so wasn't going to bother. But I did spur me into action on the MacBook crack I suffered (in the post a few days ago).

I actually got this about 4 months ago. I searched online and found many people who had the same problem. So I wandered down to the local Apple reseller on the Albert Dock who completely sucked. After wandering off for a while with my Mac they told me it user damage and any protests to the contrary would have to be made to Apple. I was very annoyed.

Of the 5 MacBooks in the office, 3 have the exact same flaw. Searching online will show many with the same problem.

So Apple phoned to sell me Apple Care. This prompted me to phone up Apple and see about this. The 10 min chat with the person on the other end was frustrating. He wouldn't look at a photo of the laptop. He wouldn't look at evidence of others with the same problem. I had to take it to a store and go through some long process of him writing to Apple. He referred me to a store 1 hour away. I phoned the store, they don't deal with Apple support.

Getting wound up I got an appointment at the Manchester Apple Store for a genius. Walked in to find 12 staff doing nothing (why did I need an appointment). Looks at MacBook and "Says, yep no problem, when do you want it back is tommorrow soon enough?". My faith in Apple is restored, just a shame the other people were idiots.

To really screw me I wandered through the Game store on the way back to the car. "Got any Wii's?", my standard question for about 4 months now every time I wander by. "Yep got a shipment in this morning, one left.". Wibble. Bank account got hit and I've got Wii elbow.