Andy McKay

Jun 21, 2007


Well, it’s about time I posted something here again…

We just spent a few days down in Devon (southern part of England) camping. The main purpose of the trip was to visit with my cousin Gord and his family (Sali, Coral, and Bryn), who were visiting family near Torquay. We spent a lovely day with them and with Sali’s brother and his family. Together we went to Trago Mills - a leasure park and shopping place, House of Marbles (a bit disappointing, really), a nice walk into the hills, and a visit to the town of Widecombe, where we had dinner. All in all, an excellent day.

Devon is a beautiful place. We also had a day at the beach and another day exploring. We could have spent 2 weeks in the area and still not seen everything! We went to a couple of National Trust places (we have a membership and it has certainly paid for itself several times by now) which were very enjoyable. One was called Overbeck’s and the house was full of little treasures that scientist Otto Overbeck had collected - seashells, birds stuffed and mounted, butterflies and other insects… There was also a polyphon dating back to 1890, which they played for us. Incredible! The other place was Knightshayes Court. The most interesting thing here was the ceilings in each room were all decorated beautifully with intricate designs.

Sadly, we had to come home and Andy had to head off to Paris to work for 3 days, so now I am stuck at home unpacking and repacking for our next camping trip, as well as looking after a poorly Samantha. She’s had a high fever since Monday night, so I took her to the doctor as soon as we got back. Poor little love has a throat infection, so she is not feeling at all herself. :o(