Andy McKay

Feb 11, 2007

Endangered Species Chocolate

In August, Andy was part of the organizing team for a Python Conference in Vancouver, and we ended up having half a dozen people sleeping on our floor for the duration of the conference. One of those people was called Calvin, and he works for a company called Six Feet Up. As a thank you gift, he recently sent us some chocolates from Endagered Species Chocolate. Yes, all the way to us in England - I think the shipping cost more than the chocolates!

Anyway, the chocolates are DELICIOUS! I just ate a bar of millk chocolate with peanut butter and it was so yummy! Also in the package are dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds, chocolate with caramelized cocoa nibs, dark chocolate with cherries, milk and white chocolate bars, and some snack sized milk chocolate treats (ideal for bribing Emily on a long walk!).

The interesting thing about these chocolates is that the cocoa is ethically traded and each type of chocolate features a different endagered animal - a picture on the front and information on the inside of the wrapper. I thought it was kind of neat!