Andy McKay

Feb 09, 2007

Windy weather

January 16th

I keep hearing (mostly from my mother) about the storms in Vancouver and all the wind damage. So many trees have been knocked down in recent storms! I remember thinking the hillsides on "the Cut" had been decimated by wind storms before we left Canada, and couldn't believe when they had to close the Lion's Gate Bridge because of fallen trees on the Stanley Park Causeway. Now there have been more storms and tonnes more trees blown over in Stanley Park.

It's funny, I think we've had wind storms that were just as strong since we've been here, but there doesn't seem to be the sort of damage that Vancouver has been getting. Andy says it's because the UK gets so many big windstorms that the trees have adapted - and those that haven't got blown down a long time ago! Makes some sense, I guess. We certainly seem to have a LOT of windy days!