Andy McKay

Feb 09, 2007

We've moved in.

January 15th

Well, Andy says he's going to set me up with a blog once our internet is up and running, so I thought I'd get started right away! We moved into our house on Monday after spending the weekend bringing our stuff over from Ann's, collecting bits and pieces (some borrowed, some gifts) from Ian, and shopping for more "must haves."

Without all our stuff from Vancouver, we are having to borrow basics like dishes and cutlery, beds and bedding, towels, etc. We are so lucky to have Andy's family here. I don't know what we'd do if we were moving somewhere we had no family at all.

We are currently sleeping on a very uncomfortable futon and Emily is sleeping on a borrowed fold-up bed - the springs creak with the slightest movement. Samantha is fortunate to have the crib that her cousins Amy and Matt slept in as babies, so she is nice and comfy!

We have one chair - a single futon that folds into a chair - and no table, so we eat all our meals sitting on the nice wide window ledge! We will soon have a table and chairs, courtesy of Peter. Would you believe that when you rent or buy a place here, it doesn't come with a fridge or washing machine?! Ian has provided us with a free fridge, and we plan to go buy a new washing machine and small freezer next weekend. Our office/guest room/play room is currently empty except for a few toys, most of which were Christmas gifts!

I'm sure we will fill the place up quickly, though. We've had lots of offers of free furniture and such, plus our shipment will be here soon enough.