Andy McKay

Feb 09, 2007

More wind

January 18th

Oh dear, I think I spoke too soon. I took the girls out for a walk this afternoon and had to turn back after nearly being blown over by the wind. Poor Emily was having a really tough time staying on her feet! Just as we were arriving home, a big piece of plastic siding from our neighbour's yard (they were having work done) got caught by the wind and flew towards us. Fortunately it was stopped by the brick wall between our houses, but if it had been 6 inches to the left, it would have merely bounced off the wall and then hit us! We were very lucky. I hate to think what kind of damage it might have done to us.

It turns out some people were not as lucky as us. Traffic around the country was terrible. It took Andy 3 1/2 hours to get home tonight instead of the usual 1 1/2. Several lorries were blown over by the wind today - winds up to 80 miles an hour. A few people were killed when lorries were blown over onto their cars, a woman was killed by a brick wall falling on top of her… A scary day.