Andy McKay

Feb 07, 2007

Tesco DVD Rental sucks

We got Tesco DVD Rental service a couple of weeks ago. It's a post you the DVD service, with a 2 week free trial. We rented 3 DVD's, two of them were unwatchable. The last had a big crack in it. This means the entire service is rather useless if only 66% of the DVD's are unwatchable.

To Tesco's credit, I found out that even though we could return the last DVD as soon as possible, we would be out of our free trail by one day and hence pay a full month fee for cancelling. I complained, our 2 week trial was extended and once past the 3 "are you sure" screens, the service was cancelled.

After reading around for another service I'm now a little disillusioned. All the users of the services complain of one thing, never being able to get anything popular or new. The problem is simple, its a DVD store. Only it's got 1,000,000 subscribers and say 1,000 copies of that new DVD. If 50% of the people ask for it, who get's it?. From what I can gather, it's useless if you want to watch new movies. We generally don't worry about that, so we might go ahead with a different provider and see how it goes.