Andy McKay

Feb 06, 2007

Finally an internet connection at home

Things seem to be a struggle here sometimes. I know its just because I'm off the plane and "wet behind the ears" but things seem to take 5x as long and just be a lot harder than they should be.

Today finally we got an internet connection at home, almost one month after moving in. The really nice part was when the ISP (Virgin) didn't move my account from my mothers to here, they disconnected me at my mothers 8 days ago and then reconnected me here.

We've made a concious decision not to have a TV in the house now, which being TV addicts has made us suffer a bit of withdrawal. To add to this our actual belongings are still in transit, they phoned up today to annouce they will deliver them next Tuesday. So that marks around 9 1/2 weeks since they left Canada. Not the 3 1/2 they originally promised. This lead to a few nights of saying "I've read every book and the library is closed", what now?

Oh well. Makes us realise in a home environment how important the internet is, since its TV, entertainment, radio, phone, games and a few other things.