Andy McKay

Sep 11, 2006

Digg is annoying

The quality of news is not very high, slashdot is proving much better most of the time. Take this article:

I noticed that the iPod video [#4 top seller] is being outsold by the MacBook [#2 top seller after the nano]

that ended up on the front page:

  1. Wait a second, the top seller is the iPod, its the iPod Nano. The headline is that MacBook outsells the iPod. It may sell more at that one instance than the iPod video, but in the same sentance you are saying the iPod Nano is top. Your headline is totally wrong.
  2. Where does it say on the store page that the order implies well anything. Its says: "Top Sellers: iPod nano, MacBook etc". There is nothing to tell you the order, that's implied.
  3. How long is this data based on, 10 minutes, 1 day (did someone just order a lot of MacBooks, eg a company).

Just annoying you see something on the front page like this, but its a) wrong and b) questionable data even if it was right. I’ve got nothing against the person reporting it, just the people who float it up to the top of digg. And this is just one of many items on there.