Andy McKay

Jul 25, 2006

Macbook vs Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio

For the last 9 months or so I’ve been using a 11 inch Sony Vaio. My Macbook arrived last week. I was chatting to a friend the other day and asked why I moved to a Macbook. I really loved the Sony Vaio and it’s impressed most people who’ve seen it. Alan convinced me it was a good laptop and he’s right. Now ignoring the obvious reason - my laptop is owned by my previous company, not me - why did I switch and which did I prefer?

The answer is the Macbook. One of my main reason things I look for in a laptop is the portability and here the Sony Vaio is supreme:

  • Weight and size: light and small. Actually is usable on a plane.
  • Hibernation support: good, restart is about 20 secs (time to restart and Windows to think about it).
  • Battery life: excellent 8 hours if you put on maximum, I've rarely run out.

Comparatively the Macbook feels like a battleship compared to the Vaio. I’m getting used to it but at first I’d forgotten laptops weren’t tiny little things.

  • Weight and size: heavier and bigger. But nowhere as big as some.
  • Hibernation support: fantastic restart, about 2 seconds
  • Battery life: good 6 hours advertised, haven't tried yet.

So what are the deciding factors: OS X (which I love) and price (~$2.1k compared to $1.3k Canadian). I think there would be a real market for Apple if they could make a small laptop for road warriors. Something the size, speed and weight of the Sony running OS X. It would be perfect for users who use their laptops in many places and I would buy it tommorrow.