Andy McKay

May 29, 2006

What I want from Google Calendar

Didn’t hear about this one until recently, but there’s a Google Calendar and a matching API. At the moment I use iCal with my wife and you are going to have to work hard to get me out of that, we love it. So what I’m looking for is a nice simple way to get my iCal online in a readable HTML format … without installing any software.

So I’m not going to use Google Calendar in a while, but I was working on a Google Maps mashup last Friday. Doing things on a Friday is bad, because then they fester in my brain for a weekend. In Google Maps I pull in a map into an iframe and populate it. So why can’t I pull in a calendar through Javascript and then populate it with my public ical feed? Someone’s already got ical into RSS, so now we have to find a way to pull in calendar through a simple Javascript call. If I can do that, i can mashup the RSS of my iCal feed with the calendar. Searching for Javascript calendar is fruitless, pointing to almost endless popup calendars. Google Calendar API seems dedicated to adding and editing items. Sounds like a quick science project one evening.