Andy McKay

May 22, 2006

ZopeZen going for grabs

Many moons ago I started ZopeZen as a blog for Zope. It’s done well over the last 5 years and it’s been a labour of love keeping it up. But the fact is that now I don’t post or work on it much anymore - probably because for a while I just haven’t been on the ground doing as much Zope or Plone as I used to.

This makes me feel guilty, so if anyone out there would like to take ZopeZen up and keep the blog going forward, please yell. I’d love to give it to you. Requirements:

  • Maintain it as a community site.
  • Don't mind how you run it, but there is a lot of useful stuff in archives there, would be nice to keep the old content up.
  • Must be in Plone or Zope.
  • Link back to me here.

Anyone interested?